Month: March 2017

What I learned at Social Media Marketing World in five minutes:

Instagram AnalyticsWhat were the top things that I learned from the Social Media Marketing World conference:
The top ideas that I have after a one day rest are the following:
1. That learning never ends.
2. That there will always be someone to share my ideas with and learn from at this event.
3. That I can help teach from the sidelines, just as if I was teaching from the podium.
4. There are so many ways to be successful, the way to do it, in my opinion, is to create your own metrics of success and then follow those.
5. I can sing “SHOUT” or at least make believe I am singing it in Karaoke.
6. Improvements of small things can lead to improvements of bigger things> For example, Jenn from Jenn’s Trends taught me about how to improve my Instagram Profile. She showed me the proper length for a IG. It should go just below the fold, so people need to look further. At least a few sentences in length is best. See the image here.
7. New terms: Finger scrolling stoppers, recontent,and a lot more.
8. Podcasting tips: from Amy Porterfield, Chaylene Johnson and Cliff Ravenscraft. What I can summarize is that you just have to practice, like anything else. There is no silver bullet. Discipline will come in very handy here. There’s no one telling you that you HAVE to do it, but you know you should be consistent. Some use offshore experts as audio editors.
9. Underused Social Media may be the best way to stand out! Try SlideShare. That has a lot of content already, but the context is what matters here. There is likely a longer shelf life here than in most social media.
10.Forms and thank you pages are good for increasing your scores with analytics. GTM programming is worth the hassle. Your “All Pages” report has a lot of good info, and if you look for conversions, that will help focus you. Add Social Proof to the top pages, don’t have a “testimonials” page that no one will ever see!
11. Ask yourself, “What do people always ask before they hire us? That would be a good content piece.
12 There is an annotation drop down in the google analytics timeline, where you can note historical items that can help remind you of important dates and activities.

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