Tomorrow’s business leaders or a myth





Tomorrow’s business leaders are native to smartphones, which give consumers and businesses alike the immediacy of information. The collaborative economy is underway, and some of the firms in this space have high valuations, as described by the chart here, created by Jeremiah Owyang. I saw Jeremiah in January, 2015 at the San Francisco offices of Google and he shared his vision of the collaborative economy, which was impressive. This chart shows that he has divided the firms into mythical characters, based on their “valuation” by investors and shareholders. Reality would tell us that there is no way all of these firms’ valuations are going to hold up; history will tell us the same. They are all on the list in order to show a snapshot of today’s businesses that have taken a front seat in the minds of the consumers, not producing a physical product, but a “service” that did not exist even five years ago. (Examples here include Uber, Airbnb and similar firms.)

Hold on to your hats. This is going to be a wild ride.