What do your favorite apps tell advertisers about you?


safeway app


Analytics, especially big and little datasets can tell a lot about behaviors. Now, more than ever, advertisers are armed with ammunition to target the individual, not just the demographic. What do the apps here tell about the person. They are the exercise app, the shopping app and the gamer app. Clearly, we are not one dimensional people. Different apps for different times of the day/week/month are easily sorted by our provider, to gather aggregate data on our habits.

If we use apps that are in a second language, that tells the advertiser that there is an opportunity to reach out in that other language, such as Spanish, perhaps. If most of the apps are related to the arts or music, perhaps that individual is a performer, artist or patron of the fine arts. We can learn a lot by the apps and the amount of time spent with each one.
This is something to think about as mobile marketers. Yes, we are looking at location and purchasing patterns, trying to predict future behavior, but don’t forget about what apps a person uses often, because that will tell you a lot about them.