What are some jobs in Mobile Marketing?

There are 63,000 jobs on Linkedin that use the keyword “Mobile Marketing”. There are 345,000 jobs in “Marketing”.(May 19, 2015)
If you are looking to be competitive for your next position, consider the following job titles:

Mobile Marketing Automation
Account Executive
Mobile Marketing Manager
Digital Media Integration Producer
Social Media Marketing Manager
Community Manager
Social Media Consultant
Mobile Marketing Consultant
Customer Service
CRM Specialist
Content Writer/Producer

Are you in the field of Marketing now? If so, consider these roles for the future. Knowing about Mobile Marketing will help you rise in your firm, or even perhaps start your own business. We’re writing a new book on Mobile Marketing. Stay tuned for announcements on pre-orders, and how to get a free beta version. It has been student-tested and the four authors have combined decades of experience in the field of Mobile Marketing. We’ll be sharing that information here over the next few months.Roles in Mobile Marketing are growing