Solar resale value

This video shows simply how the value of solar PV affects the resale value (or not) of your home. Most people who buy PV don’t plan on selling their homes soon, so it’s been difficult to find them. If you know someone who has bought or sold a home with PV, be sure to let them know about our Solar Resale Value survey and ask them to take three minutes to complete it. is the link to see the study and/or to take it. Hope you enjoyed the video, too, produced by IBOG.

National Solar Conference Recap
Some observations following the National Solar Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The temperatures at the 100 degree mark and the Diamondbacks playing ball plus a LEED certified convention center made the event memorable…

Solar Permit Fees Take Hike
When you install the power of the sun on your rooftop, you harness some of nature for good use. Solar panels are becoming more and more common in the United States, as they have grown in Germany and Spain. How did this happen? Because government has been subsidizing the installation and purchase costs, thus incentivizing those high ticket purchases, often in the $30,000 range out…

Solar Orientation for Business
Enthusiastic young solar professionals like this one, ready to learn about solar and get a business orientation, attended this year’s Solar Power International in Anaheim. Yes, the talking heads were there in person and via teleconference. Arnold and Obama were missing…

Solar Tour Day
The first Saturday in October is always “Solar Tour Day” across America, thanks to ASES, the publisher of Solar Today Magazine.
If you look up your zipcode on the solar map, you can find a nearby tour, and they are free to residential areas.
Who knows, it could be your home that is on display next October?