Are you for profit or non-profit?


Are you a .org?
Maybe you are a .com, but are operating like a non profit.
Then there is the B corp, kind of in the middle.

Whether you are a 501c, or similar structure, you may be interested in finding out more about the Cause Conference. This Friday, the 17th Annual Cause Conference will be held by the SDAMA at National University in San Diego (La Jolla). Here are some important details for those who want to consider attending:


See you there. I’ll be giving a talk at 3pm on May 8. Topic: Results Matter. Ask me more!

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Mary Beth McCabe has decades of media experience. She has consulted with more than 3500 San Diego and National business owners on Hispanic Advertising and Media Buying, and worked as a sales executive at KUSI-TV, San Diego and WCIU-TV, Chicago. Dr. McCabe has taught Marketing and Advertising courses at four regional universities.

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