I approach this topic from both the buyer and the seller perspectives. I have been on both sides of the table in thousands of negotiations, regarding millions of dollars, so I know how the other side thinks and what they need. If you don’t have the expertise in advertising planning, you don’t want to make a mistake that could be costly and damage your reputation.

When you contact me, you get an immediate response, excellent service and experience that saves you time and money. Getting the job done is my priority and customer satisfaction means everything. In my case, the owner provides the service, not the lower level employees, so you get the very best value.


I approach the media audit/analysis with a complimentary interview about your previous campaigns, and the objectivity of what you need without filters and bias. I will inspect your invoices and explain what they mean, and if requested, contact the vendors on your behalf. Select me if your results have not matched your expectations, and I will try to identify what needs to change.


I consider what your audience is talking about, what platforms they prefer and what they consider relevant content before embarking on a Social Media Plan. I leverage your new content with Evergreen updates that will be seen as valued in the future, too. Select me for you Social Media Plan when you desire the impact, but can’t justify the investment in a full time employee.


Your marketing needs to be customer driven from a mobile user’s view. I wrote the first textbook, used around the world to teach Mobile Marketing Essentials (Stukent, Inc). I will help you by creating mobile experiences that your customers may never notice, but will make your brand remembered. Together, we will consider your options, the vendor landscape and which solution works best. As an independent consultant, you know who has your best interest, which is why you should select Sun Marketing.


With $1.7 Trillion in consumer spending, the US Hispanic is still untapped and growing fast. I have decades of experience, unmatched by nearly anyone in Southern California. I have worked with brands like Gerber Baby Foods and Sea World, along with countless media companies to create measurable campaigns that moved customers and I can do the same for your business. Even if your business is small, I can work out a reasonable campaign that will be seen and heard by your Spanish language customers. I know you can’t just translate your English commercials, so I have a network of seasoned professional copywriters and producers who can create your messages. In most cases, my fees are paid by media, so you get my expertise without investing a nickel.


Every project is unique, and I respect your privacy and confidentiality in every consultation. I approach with an objective and realistic timeline and description of how to get what you need done. You should select me because I have built my reputation on successful projects and completing them on time and under budget. Your choice will be reinforced by our extensive worldwide network of professionals.

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